Call for Abstracts & Sessions

The period for submitting abstract and session proposals for this year's Northwest Climate Conference is now closed.

Co-conveners of the 2023 Northwest Climate Conference, a virtual conference, invite abstract and session proposal submissions to this year's NWCC. We invite the following contributions:

  1. Single Abstract Contributions: A single research abstract submitted by one or more authors. The submitter will indicate preference for an oral or poster presentation. Single abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee and assigned to an appropriate session.
  2. Self-organized Session: A 90- to 120-minute session addressing a theme or topic identified by the session convener. Conveners will identify between 4 to 8 session presenters and associated co-authors that will simultaneously submit abstracts.
  3. Discussion Session: A 60- to 90-minute session with short introductory comments by the convener/moderator and up to 5 panelists, followed by a discussion moderated by the convener that may include pre-programmed and audience-contributed questions.
  4. Community Coordinating Session: A 90- to 120-minute session designed to share climate resilience, adaptation, response, and mitigation activities across individuals, groups, and communities in the Northwest. These sessions may include combinations of short presentations, panel discussions, or other convener-led activities (e.g., collaborative content creation, hackathons, etc.).

Contributions of sessions and abstracts are sought on topics including:

  • Climate Variability and Change
  • Ecosystem and Species Conservation
  • Infrastructure and Coastal Systems
  • Hydrology and Water Resources
  • Forests, Rangelands, Wildfire, and Smoke
  • Climate and Communities
  • Government and Community Climate Action
  • Climate and Media
  • Climate Justice and Equity

Proposers of Self-organized Sessions, Discussion Sessions and Community Coordinating Sessions will be asked to complete an Inclusive Session Design statement. This statement will articulate how the proposed session has intentionally programmed the session to include a diversity of, for example, racial, ethnic and/or gender backgrounds, lived experiences, perspectives of groups historically excluded from climate science and action, ways of knowing, career stages, institutions, or other pertinent dimensions of positionality.

Links to Templates

To facilitate communication among co-contributors to your abstracts or sessions, we have created a series of templates to collect required information for formal submissions via the Google Form. If you plan to submit an abstract or organize a session, please download the appropriate template file below (MS Word .docx format) and use it to draft your submission. Proposers of Self-organized Sessions may choose to circulate the document via email or other means to collect abstract titles, text, and keywords from co-contributors.

  1. Single Abstract Contributions
  2. Self-organized Session
  3. Discussion Session
  4. Community Coordinating Session

Link to Submit

The period for submitting abstract and session proposals for this year's Northwest Climate Conference is now closed.

Once you have prepared your abstract or session proposal, click the button below: