The Governor Hotel

Room rate: $169.00 plus lodging tax (14.5%; all rates listed on this page are pre-tax)
Government rate: Not available
614 SW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205
(503) 224-3400
wifi: $9.95/day

Things to do around the Governor

The Governor Hotel is located between Portland's downtown core and the Pearl district. The website is a great resource for food suggestions as well as ideas for what to do on your free time (farmer's markets, museums, etc.). We encourage you to stay the weekend!

About Portland's Pearl District:

The Pearl District is self-described as a “world-renowned icon of urban renaissance.” The Pearl (as it is referred to locally) is a young neighborhood located in the northwest quadrant of Portland between the downtown core, the Willamette River, and the city’s Northwest neighborhoods. The Governor Hotel, the site of the 2013 Pacific Northwest Climate Science Conference, is located only a few minutes from the Pearl district, whether you choose to walk, bike, use Portland’s MAX light rail, or take a ride on Portland’s streetcars.

The Pearl represents contemporary approaches to urban revitalization, incorporating New Urbanism in its evolution. New Urbanism prizes mixed-use development, walkable neighborhoods, and conservation—all of which coincide with the desire to reduce the environmental, social, and climatological effects of urbanization. The Pearl neighborhood has small parks and small schools, and several buildings have LEED status, which means they are designed to use fewer resources. Its most recent incarnation developed in the early 1990s.

For residents of the Pearl, the neighborhood offers a variety of options for civic involvement, transportation, employment and residences. And for visitor and resident alike, the Pearl and surrounding areas offer a broad range of dining and entertainment options. Portland is justly famous for its food carts, and there are several food cart pods within a few blocks of the Governor Hotel. There’s a map of Portland food cart pods over at Portland is also justly famous for its numerous excellent microbreweries. There’s a comprehensive list of brewpubs and taprooms in Portland over at Finally, while you’re visiting Portland, make sure you make time to visit Powell’s City of Books, a world-class bookstore that has witnessed the evolution of the Pearl and captivated visitors for decades.

For plenty more about the Pearl, head over to About the Pearl District, from which much of this summary was drawn.

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